Queen's Indian Defence - Jacob Aagard (very good condition)

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The Queen¿s Indian Defence is one of Black¿s toughest and most respectable choices against queen¿s pawn openings and is a favorite among world class players such as Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand, Michael Adams, and Judit Polgar. From the outset Black uses the dynamic principle of controlling the center with pieces rather than pawns, and this can lead to rich and complicated chess.

The Queen¿s Indian is a multi-dimensional opening which appeals to aggressive and positional players alike. In this book, openings expert Jacob Aagaard delves into the many positional and tactical ideas available for both White and Black. Using illustrative games, Aagaard guides the reader through both the fashionable main lines and the tricky offbeat variations.

Everyman Chess 2002
142 pages